Tuesday, March 24, 2009


First - a quick update since my last quick update... My car died after cake class the weekend before last. Yep - right in the parking lot of Joann's, she took her last breaths and was eventually carried off into the sunset on a tow truck sent by AAA.

But life is good and we got a new car that has plenty of room for cake class supplies and any yarn I happen to pick up after class. :)

Now - on to the cake!

I'm three weeks into the second course of Wilton cake decorating class at Joann's. Here's what I've created with color flow and royal icing so far.

Royal Icing Flowers

Look, Ma! No cabbages!

NOT Cabbages

I really like royal icing more than butter cream for flowers. I've got to find some time this week to make another batch of frosting and make a bunch of flowers that will dry before the finale cake on Saturday.

This class helps cross off one item from my crafty resolution list for 2009. But I'm feeling like an over-achiever. And because I'll be making cakes for both my boss' retirement party and my future sister-in-law's bridal shower, I'll be taking the third course of Wilton cake decorating in April. Bring on the fondant!

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