Year of Lovely Things 2012

I've signed up to join the 2012 Year of Lovely Things headed by my dear friend, Perches. Below is my list for the year. I'll cross them out as they are accomplished and for those talked about in the blog, there will be a hyperlink to the post.

St. Michaels | Maryland Renaissance Festival | Maryland Alpaca Festival | National Museum of the American Indian | National Arboretum | Red Sox game | Girls Weekend | Norfolk | New York City | San Diego

banana cream pie | basil pesto | butternut bisque | new appetizer recipe | new dessert recipe | new entree recipe | chili with cornbread | ice cream | mead

Spring cleaning | Skype n' Knit | take the Wilton Fondant/Gum Paste Course | take the Wilton Advanced Gum Paste Course | take some other crafty course | learn a new knitting technique | send snail mail | take silly photos | try a new restaurant | plant an herb garden | visit a new yarn store | get a tattoo | organize photos

small sewing project | complete a UFO from years past | something with dried lavender | reindeer candy canes | something for Seamus | decorated cake | tree skirt or Christmas tree topper

mental health day | bubblebath | watch the sunrise | get a pedicure | movie-a-thon | new clothes | spend an afternoon curled up with a good book

my birthday | Sean's birthday | our anniversary | a full moon | solstice or equinox | friends and families engagements, weddings, babies and other milestones