Friday, April 27, 2007

Supporting My Yarn Addiction

In case you hadn't noticed, I've added a new section on the side bar called "Supporting My Yarn Addiction". I use this blog as a way to chronicle my crafty side and not as a way to make money. But hey - if I can make a few dollars to buy yarn, I'm all for it. And I only want to include good links, not just random Google links.

The first link takes you to my Cafe Press Store. It's only a basic store so I can't have more than one design per product. And really, I don't expect it to be a busy or highly lucrative store. It's just fun to have. So far, I've been my only customer. I ordered a couple of shirts that I might wear to MS&W.

"Yarn Whore"

"Voulez-vous crochet avec moi?"

I'm leaning toward wearing the "Yarn Whore" shirt if it's warm enough (it's a lighter t-shirt). I'm looking forward to getting a few snickers or compliments on it, as well as a few outraged looks from people too prudish to embrace the humor in it.

The second link is to House of Names. This is a really fun site where you can get the coat of arms and history of your last name. It was great to see that my maiden last name is Welsh (I had no idea before hand) and that my coat of arms includes leaves (I'm a nature lover). Learning the histories and locations of my old and new last names has been a lot of fun.

I first found this company at the Maryland Renaissance Festival. This link on my blog will take you to the site and if you order something (and it shows you got to the site through my blog), then I get a small commission. So if you do decide to order, please do so by first getting to the site via my blog. I need more yarn!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Progress Report: Afghan of the Sandman

Well, I'm onto my 9th row of the afghan and so far, so good.

Close up:

This isn't as much progress as I thought I would have since Saturday. You'd think I would have had more done considering Monday and Tuesday were horrible commutes home. Engines failed both nights, the trains were packed, and I got home 40-50 minutes later than normal. Yep - on Monday, my commute was just shy of the 3 hour mark. ARGH!

Today was no better as I had to drive in to work in order to drop off Matilda (that's my car) at the shop. I was stuck in traffic for over 2 hours. The length of time and agravation I felt dealing with traffic served to reinforce the reasons why I take public transportation each day. If only MARC were more reliable - or at least was held accountable for screwing up.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Finally - Spring!

From the upper 40's to the low 70's is a welcome change to even this cold weather lovin' girl. How nice it was to wear a skirt and t-shirt today instead of bundling up with a coat and gloves. It was a welcome change that I'm hoping continues tomorrow and throughout the week.

Baby Dax was born on Friday the 13th. While she has a new name, I'm going to keep referring to her as Dax. More fun, I think. Mom and baby are doing well and I'm looking forward to delivering the baby blanket.

I've started the Afghan of the Sandman but I only have one other project on my 'to-do' list. And I don't even have the yarn bought for that project. So I guess I only have one project going on right now.

That's just not right and I need to remedy the situation.

But what should I make??? Any suggestions??

New Project: Afghan of the Sandman

I've finally started the Afghan of the Sandman, a pattern I bought from Crochet Garden. This will be blanket #2 for the little Superstar due in July.

This project didn't start off well. My first swatch was way off. I was using a G hook, as instructed in the pattern directions. This is what my first swatch looked like:

It's too curvy and uneven. The texture did not look like the pattern photos at all. Plus, I could stick my finger right through it - like saloon doors.

Lucky for me, there was some great support at Crochet Garden. After realizing I was supposed to crochet in the space of the second triple loop and not the middle chain of the triple loop, things got better. I also switched to an F hook which resulted in the right gauge. Here's the right swatch:

And here is a photo of all 1% that is done so far. I have a feeling this blanket will take quite a bit of time to finish.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Skullholders (Green & White)

It's been a productive week and weekend! I finished the second pair of skullholders and even managed to get them in the mail today. They are now California bound!

Pattern: Skullholders from The Happy Hooker

Hook Size: H

Dimensions: 10" wide x 8 1/2" tall

Yarn: 1 skein each of Lion Cotton in
  • Sage
  • White

Baby Starghan

The baby starghan is done!

I don't know if this picture is much different, but here it is.

Pattern: Baby Starghan by The Diva Crochets

Hook size: F

Dimensions: 19 1/2" from point to center; 38" point to point across

Bernat Baby Coordinates in

  • White
  • Baby Pink
  • Lemon Custard (yellow)
  • Iced Mint (green)
  • Soft Blue
  • Soft Mauve (purple)


But how does one fold a starghan??? This is what I came up with. The back doesn't look great, but this is how I will put in the box when I ship it off to the Mom- and Dad-to-be.

1. Fold all the points into the center.

2. Fold one point of the pentagon into the center.

3. Fold the top two corners to the center (like an envelope flap).

4. Fold the left side to the center.

5. Fold the right side to the center.

6. Flip over and voila!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Progress Report: Skullholders

My second pair of skullholders are almost done. I just need to weave in the ends and crochet them together. I'm using the same pattern and brand of yarn as the first pair of skullholders I made, except I used white instead of black with the sage green. I didn't change the dimensions of the pattern, like I had planned, so this is another pair of LARGE potholders.

Maybe - just maybe - I will be able to finish them tonight and send them off in the mail tomorrow.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Quick Update

It's been maaaad busy at home and work this week which means the blog gets put on the back burner. That is not to say that I have left my projects unattended. If you look at the side bar, you'll see that the Baby Starghan is finished and I'm over halfway done with the green and white Skullholders. I hope to post photos and details this weekend.

Until then, the countdown to MS&W continues and I'm getting more excited with each passing day! I think I'm more excited about MS&W than I am about graduation!!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Mental Health Day

After a doctor's appointment this morning, I decided to take the rest of the day off. It is a much needed mental health day of which I hope to take full advantage. I've got errands to run and bills to pay and a house to tidy. And if I'm lucky, I'll get some crocheting done and perhaps even take a nap.


Only a month until MS&W!!! Yay!!! I'm just too excited about it.

I'm thinking of heading over to CafePress to make myself a t-shirt to wear. I had some made for my bachelorette party and while I can't speak for the other girls, I absolutely love wearing mine. It's cut is great, it's super comfy and it has great memories attached to it. (Of course, any t-shirt with two skeletons clinking beer mugs is a good t-shirt, right?)

But what to put on the t-shirt...

I made a few in my shop. Take a look and let me know what you think.


My husband and I are traveling this weekend and I'm glad to see the TSA will allow my crochet hooks onboard the plane. Though the flight is short, it's nice to have something to do while we're in the air and while we wait at the gate. I must get to work on the Mistress' skullholders.


The baby starghan is almost done. I hope to finish it today. It is blanket #1 for the little Superstar due in July. The second blanket will be the Afghan of the Sandman. I'm very much looking forward to making it as the photos from other crocheters look so beautiful.

No news on whether Baby Dax has arrived yet. She was due to make her grand entrance on April Fool's Day, which her parents thought was hysterical. I can't wait to deliver the baby blanket to her.


That's it for now. I'm off to enjoy my day! Hope you do the same!

Sunday, April 1, 2007

My Crochet Corner

When I'm not commuting around the DC metropolitan area, I do have a designated place at home where I crochet. Since my husband and I currently rent an apartment and I don't have an entire room to devote to all things crafty, my little nook is the chaise of our couch in the living room.

1. Dax's Baby Blanket
2. Yarn for my next project, the Baby Afghan of the Sandman
3. Green and white Skullholders for the Mistress
4. Baby Starghan
5. The bag I use to hold my projects as I commute
6. My fabulous MS&W canvas bag which holds random yarn and projects
7. A blanket I made with Lion Brand Homespun (it's so warm and soft)
8. The chaise where I lounge, crochet and watch TV (aka - where my fat a$$ spreads)

I'm looking forward to having a different spot when we move to our new condo in the fall. I'm also looking forward to trying to get my fat a$$ to stop spreading. If only I could crochet while on a treadmill. :P

Progress Report: Baby Starghan

When you start a small project, the initial progress is swift. As it gets larger, it takes more time to see a change. Thus, my progress with the blanket this past week was a slow one. Not to mention that I was also busy trying to finish my final graduate paper (which I'm happy to report it's done and I will graduate in May).

The size is about 17" from center to point and over 30" from point to point. Compared to the last progress report, I guess I have made some progress.

A lot of the progress was made yesterday when Sean and I drove all the way out to Hagerstown to see my hairdresser, Carla. She recently relocated from Baltimore so we made the 1 1/2 hour trip out to see her. Not only did I get my hair cut at a significant discount (Hagerstown prices are almost 50% less than Baltimore prices) we did some much needed clothes shopping at the outlets. And since Sean was behind the wheel, I got quite a bit of crocheting done as we drove up and down the hills of Western Maryland.

I'm going to finish this with the yellow and pink and then either 2 or 3 rows of white. I envision this blanket being used as a decoration in the crib or as a floor blanket on which the little Superstar can hang out or eventually crawl on. Then it's onto the second blanket for the little Superstar! She's so spoiled already!