Sunday, April 1, 2007

Progress Report: Baby Starghan

When you start a small project, the initial progress is swift. As it gets larger, it takes more time to see a change. Thus, my progress with the blanket this past week was a slow one. Not to mention that I was also busy trying to finish my final graduate paper (which I'm happy to report it's done and I will graduate in May).

The size is about 17" from center to point and over 30" from point to point. Compared to the last progress report, I guess I have made some progress.

A lot of the progress was made yesterday when Sean and I drove all the way out to Hagerstown to see my hairdresser, Carla. She recently relocated from Baltimore so we made the 1 1/2 hour trip out to see her. Not only did I get my hair cut at a significant discount (Hagerstown prices are almost 50% less than Baltimore prices) we did some much needed clothes shopping at the outlets. And since Sean was behind the wheel, I got quite a bit of crocheting done as we drove up and down the hills of Western Maryland.

I'm going to finish this with the yellow and pink and then either 2 or 3 rows of white. I envision this blanket being used as a decoration in the crib or as a floor blanket on which the little Superstar can hang out or eventually crawl on. Then it's onto the second blanket for the little Superstar! She's so spoiled already!


The Queen of the Snow Cows said...

It looks better and better the bigger it gets. You've got skillz.

Sam said...

Mad skillz. :lol:

I'm finishing up the white border. Should be done this week. :)