Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Shore Living

To celebrate my DH's birthday, we headed to the Eastern shore for a few nights. Staying in our favorite town, St. Michaels, we were able to really enjoy our time there. Past visits were only day trips that always seemed to end too soon. Not this time - this time we were able to see and do all the things we wanted to over a few relaxing days. We went to the maritime museum, the St. Michaels museum, wine tasting, a cruise on the Miles River for long afternoon ride, lunches and dinners at so many wonderful places, and great accommodations at the B&B.

And knitting - lots of knitting...

at the winery...

on the boat...

at dinner...

and (though not pictured) in the room and at the LYS sit and knit.

The sit and knit took place at Frivolous Fibers on Sunday afternoon. I had such a wonderful time meeting the new owners and the local crafters. It was a welcoming group that made the two hours I spent there fly by.

Before I worked on the new baby hat, I first finished the fourth ocean waves baby blanket. (Not before I left for the weekend, as I had hoped, but at least now it is finished.)

Ocean Waves 4 01

As always, details on Ravelry.

In total, this is three more items off my list for a Year of Lovely Things - spend a weekend in St. Michaels, go wine tasting, and go to a knitting/crocheting group.

I hope you had a lovely weekend, too.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

So Close...

I almost had the baby blanket done yesterday. I was rounding the border at warp speed until I realized the count was off for the final border round I had planned. Some stitch counting, math calculations, and a couple of added stitches resulted in a revised border. It's looking good, but I'm only at the beginning.

Will I finish the baby blanket tonight before vacation? Any bets? I do hope I finish it because I'd like to bring a smaller, more travel-ready project with me.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Time Traveling

How did it ever become the middle of August so quickly? The last month or so has flown by at warp speed. I have gotten so little done on my perpetual to-do list. Books to read, courses to finish, plans to be made so that tasks can be completed. I really must find time this week to sit down and plan out the rest of the year. The project deadlines are approaching quickly and I must get a handle on things.

One baby blanket must be done by Labor Day so I can send it home with Auntie K who will be hosting the baby shower. Saving on shipping is always a motivator for finishing a project. If I'm true to my name, "Crochets Like the Wind" (bequeathed upon me by the Queen), I may be able to finish the blanket and find time to knit a hat, too.

I also need to finish the crocheting Masters Course by the end of August. I technically have until the end of September to finish it, but with the other projects, I want to have my portfolio completed and submitted sooner rather than later. I'm very much enjoying the swatch making so it will not be an issues of finding the motivation to complete it.

The other three big blankets must be done by mid-October. Again - another motivation for finishing is to save on shipping. The blankets will arrive with our little craft swap project celebrating the Celtic New Year. The craft projects will also need to be done by mid-October - so this means I need to figure out exactly what I'm going to be making. No specific details will be posted here as some of my frequent readers are the recipients.

If the above mentioned projects get completed, that will leave just 3 projects left moving towards the holidays. One baby blanket for a baby due in October (I'm waiting to see if it's a boy or girl before I make the blanket), one big girl blanket in bright rainbow shades, and one pair of socks for a dear friend whose blood has not yet thickened up for the cold Buffalo winters.

Note: I am not avoiding the possibilities that a) more prego friends will pop up requiring more baby blankets to be made, or b) I will get antsy to start something new (or finish something already started) for myself and that project (or projects) will sneak its way into the mix.

What are on your hooks and needles for the rest of the year? Is your list energizing or daunting?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I just had to share this - I laughed so hard watching it.

Now I'm off to learn more about Pringle of Scotland (don't be mad that I don't know much about it...yet!)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lazy Hazy Days of Summer

It's hot.

It's really hot.

It's sweltering and disgusting with the temperatures approaching 100 degrees, the heat index off the charts, and the high humidity.

It's so hot that I can't get cold water from the tap. It's cool at best.

It's so hot my breakfast bar melted in my bag on the way to work.

It's so hot...it's just too freakin' hot!

The heat is affecting my brain. I can't concentrate. I'm moving from project to project, doing little bits on this one and then little bits on another. I attempted to start a newborn hat, frogging it 3 times until I just gave up.

So it may be some time before I have another completed project posted. I'm hoping by the end of August to have at least one or two things completed. But if this heat keeps up, all bets are off.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

When Eight Isn't Enough

I've got eight different projects going right now. EIGHT! And I feel like I need to start another one...or three.

What the heck is wrong with me??? It must be the time of year - the anticipation of autumn and cooler weather affects me like it affects most people in the spring. I'm ready for new things, new projects, new adventures!

But out of those 8 projects are two that must be completed in October and four to be completed for Christmas. I'm going to have to find a way to focus.

Who am I kidding? You know there is going to be a ninth project soon enough on either a hook or pair of needles. :)

What projects are on your hooks and needles?

Monday, August 2, 2010

Four Out of Five Ain't Bad

My weekend was lovely and I was able to do most of the items on my list.

donate to charity
I found the two hats I wanted to donate to charity. They will be going in the mail this week.

send snail mail letters
Written, stamped and sent. Email is great for quick communication but there is something special about handwritten letters on pretty stationary.

try tai chi
This is the one that didn't happen. I had every intention of trying out a DVD I bought a long time ago - but it sat in the drawer while I sat on the couch crocheting (which was also a lovely activity in which to participate).

sit on the balcony, stare at the stars, and drink some wine
I did sit on the balcony with a glass of wine and Seamus on my lap. Unfortunately, the clouds had other plans and decided that stars would not be visible that evening. It was still a lovely way to spend some time relaxing.

make lasagna
Done and DELICIOUS! I made my own sauce for the lasagna which turned out really well considering I didn't know what the heck I was doing. I looked at a few recipes to get the basics down and tried to remember how my mother-in-law makes her sauce. I attempted to write down the recipe...but looking at my notes, I know I did and added a bunch of stuff that isn't written down.


I was able to harvest lots of herbs from my balcony garden. Here are chives, parsley, basil and thyme. (Harvesting was ever so appropriate for August 1, eh?)

Fresh Herbs 2

Lots of chopping later, half the fresh herbs were stirred into the sauce (at the end of cooking) and the other half was added to the spinach-ricotta filling of the lasagna.

Assembled and baked....


The finished dish?

It is as delicious as it looks.


I had a great time cooking and I was reminded just how delicious homemade dinner is compared to most take out and frozen dinners from the grocery store. Considering what a large dish of lasagna I made and the fact that Sean doesn't eat lasagna, this will be my dinner for the next week or so. I'm not complaining, though!

Did you have a lovely weekend?