Monday, August 16, 2010

Time Traveling

How did it ever become the middle of August so quickly? The last month or so has flown by at warp speed. I have gotten so little done on my perpetual to-do list. Books to read, courses to finish, plans to be made so that tasks can be completed. I really must find time this week to sit down and plan out the rest of the year. The project deadlines are approaching quickly and I must get a handle on things.

One baby blanket must be done by Labor Day so I can send it home with Auntie K who will be hosting the baby shower. Saving on shipping is always a motivator for finishing a project. If I'm true to my name, "Crochets Like the Wind" (bequeathed upon me by the Queen), I may be able to finish the blanket and find time to knit a hat, too.

I also need to finish the crocheting Masters Course by the end of August. I technically have until the end of September to finish it, but with the other projects, I want to have my portfolio completed and submitted sooner rather than later. I'm very much enjoying the swatch making so it will not be an issues of finding the motivation to complete it.

The other three big blankets must be done by mid-October. Again - another motivation for finishing is to save on shipping. The blankets will arrive with our little craft swap project celebrating the Celtic New Year. The craft projects will also need to be done by mid-October - so this means I need to figure out exactly what I'm going to be making. No specific details will be posted here as some of my frequent readers are the recipients.

If the above mentioned projects get completed, that will leave just 3 projects left moving towards the holidays. One baby blanket for a baby due in October (I'm waiting to see if it's a boy or girl before I make the blanket), one big girl blanket in bright rainbow shades, and one pair of socks for a dear friend whose blood has not yet thickened up for the cold Buffalo winters.

Note: I am not avoiding the possibilities that a) more prego friends will pop up requiring more baby blankets to be made, or b) I will get antsy to start something new (or finish something already started) for myself and that project (or projects) will sneak its way into the mix.

What are on your hooks and needles for the rest of the year? Is your list energizing or daunting?

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