Saturday, April 21, 2007

Finally - Spring!

From the upper 40's to the low 70's is a welcome change to even this cold weather lovin' girl. How nice it was to wear a skirt and t-shirt today instead of bundling up with a coat and gloves. It was a welcome change that I'm hoping continues tomorrow and throughout the week.

Baby Dax was born on Friday the 13th. While she has a new name, I'm going to keep referring to her as Dax. More fun, I think. Mom and baby are doing well and I'm looking forward to delivering the baby blanket.

I've started the Afghan of the Sandman but I only have one other project on my 'to-do' list. And I don't even have the yarn bought for that project. So I guess I only have one project going on right now.

That's just not right and I need to remedy the situation.

But what should I make??? Any suggestions??

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