Friday, April 27, 2007

Supporting My Yarn Addiction

In case you hadn't noticed, I've added a new section on the side bar called "Supporting My Yarn Addiction". I use this blog as a way to chronicle my crafty side and not as a way to make money. But hey - if I can make a few dollars to buy yarn, I'm all for it. And I only want to include good links, not just random Google links.

The first link takes you to my Cafe Press Store. It's only a basic store so I can't have more than one design per product. And really, I don't expect it to be a busy or highly lucrative store. It's just fun to have. So far, I've been my only customer. I ordered a couple of shirts that I might wear to MS&W.

"Yarn Whore"

"Voulez-vous crochet avec moi?"

I'm leaning toward wearing the "Yarn Whore" shirt if it's warm enough (it's a lighter t-shirt). I'm looking forward to getting a few snickers or compliments on it, as well as a few outraged looks from people too prudish to embrace the humor in it.

The second link is to House of Names. This is a really fun site where you can get the coat of arms and history of your last name. It was great to see that my maiden last name is Welsh (I had no idea before hand) and that my coat of arms includes leaves (I'm a nature lover). Learning the histories and locations of my old and new last names has been a lot of fun.

I first found this company at the Maryland Renaissance Festival. This link on my blog will take you to the site and if you order something (and it shows you got to the site through my blog), then I get a small commission. So if you do decide to order, please do so by first getting to the site via my blog. I need more yarn!!!


The Queen of the Snow Cows said...

I snarfed at the second shirt Sam.

Both are brilliant, but as usual I wouln't have my shirt in time. MYAH!

Sam said...

Well, if I end up wearing the first one, you can wear the second one. :)