Sunday, April 1, 2007

My Crochet Corner

When I'm not commuting around the DC metropolitan area, I do have a designated place at home where I crochet. Since my husband and I currently rent an apartment and I don't have an entire room to devote to all things crafty, my little nook is the chaise of our couch in the living room.

1. Dax's Baby Blanket
2. Yarn for my next project, the Baby Afghan of the Sandman
3. Green and white Skullholders for the Mistress
4. Baby Starghan
5. The bag I use to hold my projects as I commute
6. My fabulous MS&W canvas bag which holds random yarn and projects
7. A blanket I made with Lion Brand Homespun (it's so warm and soft)
8. The chaise where I lounge, crochet and watch TV (aka - where my fat a$$ spreads)

I'm looking forward to having a different spot when we move to our new condo in the fall. I'm also looking forward to trying to get my fat a$$ to stop spreading. If only I could crochet while on a treadmill. :P


The Queen of the Snow Cows said...

That was my favorite seat in your living room! And I love your tote! Mine is filled with papers I have to shred and some other random bits from when I moved. I'm going to have to clean it out for this year!

Sam said...

I loooove the tote. I don't think I'll get one this year, though I may be persuaded to get a mug. I must be fully caffeinated when I crochet. :)

Genia said...

Hi Sam!!

You didn't leave me an addy to respond to your query about the K & C group in Annapolis.

Yes, we do indeed stay 8:00pm and are often told to leave - nicely of course. I usually end up hanging around until 10:00pm.

Hope you can make it sometime! We've also got some great crocheters in the group.