Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Good Sport

I was graciously adopted into Red Sox Nation when I met my husband, but I've kept my football allegiance my own. I've been cheering for the Baltimore Ravens since I moved to Maryland. This past football season was a rather tense one in our house since the Patriots were facing the Ravens in the conference championship.

While we had a non-monetary bet with one another (the loser having to do that week's grocery shopping), I had a "sweeter" bet with a coworker. Also a native of New England, he's an avid Patriots fan. Our bet was that I would make a cake decorated in the winning team's colors. The loser would have to wear the winning team's jersey and pose for a photo to place on their profile on Facebook.

The reason I was willing to put in all this effort to bake and decorate a cake was because it was part of the Wilton gum paste and fondant class I took in January.

Sadly, the Ravens lost so I had to make red roses instead of the purple ones I really wanted to make. Here's the finished cake:

Pats Cake 07

Pats Cake 06

Pay no mind to the less-than-smooth sides. I HATE covering cakes in fondant because mine NEVER turn out smooth on the sides. I had hoped that this being my second fondant class I would finally be able to do it, but alas - that's why that blue border is there, helping hide the issues.

The roses are gum paste, the letters are fondant and the Patriots logo is color flow.

You may wonder why I'd put so much effort into the other team's cake. Well - it's still my reputation on the line for making pretty cakes. I'm not going to waste time on a bad finished product.

I did wear my husband's jersey to work.

I posed for the photo.

It did end up as my Facebook profile picture.

It was even submitted to the Boston Globe.

I was a good sport, don't you think?

Though I do hope the Ravens win next year so I can make those roses in purple.

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Beth said...

THE BOSTON GLOBE?!? That's going too far! ;)