Thursday, July 16, 2009

Chicago LYS: Loopy Yarns

At the end of June, I was in Chicago for work. As luck would have it, my hotel was just a few blocks away from Loopy Yarns.

Loopy Yarns Chicago

Located at 47 West Polk Street in Chicago, it's a charming store full of fabulous yarns and very friendly staff. The store has about 4 rooms plus a downstairs area to shop. There is also a place for classes upstairs and downstairs and lots of books and patterns to choose from. You can see in the photo that the front window was all blue yarns. When I drove past it the next day, all the yarns were red. Very fun display.

I was quite measured with my purchases given the $55 yarn I fell in love with, but dutifully put back in the bin.

Loopy Yarns 03Maxi GreenMaxi  BlueTofutsies

I got some Maxi crochet thread in the bright blue and deep green and then got some more sock yarn just because it was such a pretty color. The yarn is called Tofutsies and what is so cool (that I didn't realize until after I bought it) is that the yarn contains 2.5% chitin --- and chitin is made from shrimp and crab shells! I :heart: souvenir yarn.

All over the store were these cute little stuffed sheep, too. It says "Loopy Yarns" on the ribbon. I bought one without even asking the price. After looking at my receipt, I probably wouldn't have bought him if I had known he was $5. Oh well - he's too cute. Here's a close up:

Loopy Yarns Sheep

I got the bag for free with my purchase - it's too cute! If you're in Chicago, check out Loopy Yarns.

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