Tuesday, June 29, 2010

On the Rebound

My fears for my little herb garden have been replaced with joy!

The herbs have taken off since I transplanted them - compare the before photo to these!

Herb Garden Looking Good

The thyme and basil are doing the best so far. In fact, I even used some basil and thyme in my cooking over the weekend.

Thyme and Basil

And the recently transplanted basil has surpassed the basil that used to look promising. It is a wonder what some more space and new soil can do!

Basil v. Basil

The one on the right was transplanted into two smaller containers. I'm hoping to give them as gifts if the plants rebound as well as the pot on the left.

There was rebounding in the flower container, too! Compare this before photo with the surprises below - Johnny Jump Ups!!! (and to answer C's question, yes I planted them because of Mom)

Johnny Jump Ups

The rest of the greenery has perked up and another Nasturtium flower bloomed.
Johnny Jump Ups

Hope renewed in my gardening abilities!

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Anonymous said...

Yay! They look wonderful.