Monday, April 14, 2008

Completed Project: Eight Pocket Two-Tone Carryall Tote

It only took me another freakin' month since my last post to finish it, but here it is - FINALLY!

Two Tone Tote 06

Two Tone Tote 07

Pattern: Eight Pocket Two-Tone Carryall Tote by Lion Brand

Hooks: H (5.0mm) and G (4.0mm)


Size: ~ 16" x 12" x 3"

Close ups of the inside:

Two Tone Tote 08

Two Tone Tote 09

Modifications: My gauge was bigger than what the pattern called for so I used an H hook instead of an I, and a G hook instead of an H.

I added a lining to the inside of the main bag, one side of the exterior pockets and on the handles. In reality, it’s a 4 pocket tote bag because the three pockets on each side are not seperated. But that’s okay - it’s still functional. :)



Tracie (ShadeTreeTracie on Rav) said...

Congrats on completing this project. I know it gave you a couple of headaches here and there, but I think the ending result looks great. I'm going to have to add this to my "to-make-one-day" list. I have too much on my crochet plate to do it now.

Go you!

the mistress said...

The last picture reminds me of the bottomless bag from Harry Potter. Lovely!

The Queen of the Snow Cows said...

So, are you going to use this on MS&W weekend? I can't wait to see it in person. I so suck at lining things!

Laura's Left Hook said...

I have this one on my to do list also. Yours looks great. I am sure I will end up with gauge issues myself, but at least it is a bag, not a sweater, so it does not have to fit.

Sam said...

Thanks, everyone! It's great to be done with it and finally be able to use it.

Tracie - thanks for being the push for me to sit down and finish it. It's a good project and one worth keeping on the to-do list.

Mistress - Brilliant observation! Maybe I should sew some stars or secret pockets on the inside...

Queen - Yep - I'm using it for MS&W. Should be comfortable to have slung over the shoulder. Too bad I won't have time to have a "Crocheting Commuter" button made for it.

Laura - I always have to adjust my hook size to make the gauge close to accurate. But with bags, purses and blankets, it's not as much of an issue. :)