Tuesday, April 8, 2008

How Sweet It Is

I guess I should start an explanation of the hiatus...

Life has been a bit crazy. The cake class was awesome, though time consuming. Whipping up batches of frosting and baking cakes during the week threw my schedule out of whack. But, as you will see in just a moment, it was well worth the effort.

Second - the recipient of the Purple Dream blanket got engaged! She's now (officially) my future sister-in-law and I was honored to be asked to be in her bridal party. So plenty of time and phone calls have been devoted to strategizing and advising this young couple in all things wedding-related. I guess that is what you get when you throw a kick-ass wedding of your own - everyone wants to know how you did it. :)

Thirdly - I was very busy plotting and scheming to guilt convince the infamous KMP into making the trek up to Maryland for Sheep & Wool. SUCCESS! Though she hasn't bought her plane tickets yet, she did say she was coming. The other girls have been told about her attendance, a van has been rented, the schedule has been tentatively planned, and Sean is prepared for the general chaos and silliness that will descend upon our humble abode.

As for crocheting, all projects have been stalled for the above mentioned reasons. So this post is for showing off the last two cakes I made for my Wilton class at Joann's.

The first one I titled "Field of Flowers"

Flower Cake 05
Flower Cake 08

It was going to be little patches of flowers but in order to make it look a bit better (i.e. less 'patchy'), I just stuck flowers all over the damn thing and added leaves to fill in where I needed. I took this one to work and it was a big hit. Then again - any free food full of sugar tends to get rave reviews. (Case in point: Sean's office LOVED the St. Patty's Day cake, too.)

This final one I titled the "Petit Chou-Chou" cake. In French, "mon petit chou-chou" translates into an endearing term of "my little cabbage flower". Since my Wilton roses looked more like little cabbages, I thought the title was appropriate.

Petit Chou Chou Cake 01
Petit Chou Chou Cake 06

Hopefully, with some practice, these will become beautiful roses some day.
Petit Chou Chou Cake 08

Because we're going to the Baseball Hall of Fame this weekend, I couldn't sign up to take Course 2. I'll have to scope out the schedule starting in June to pick up the next class.

Til next posting...whenever that will be...


The Queen of the Snow Cows said...

Woman, is there anything you DON'T do well? You are amazing.

I can't wait for May when I will have your cake and eat it too! HA!

the mistress said...

Lovely! I leave in 3 weeks and 1 day. YAY!

Sam said...

Thanks, girls. I have the design sketched out for MS&W. The tentative title is "Happy Sheep". :)