Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Big Weekend Ahead

There is sooooo much going on this weekend. Sean's birthday is Friday. We both have the day off, partially to celebrate this birthday, partially to have a longer holiday weekend and partially to have time to prepare for our weekend guests (Sean's brother and his finacee from New England).

The weekend will consist of the aforementioned birthday cake to celebrate Sean's 29th, the boys are going to a fantasy football draft party while Kristen and I will be heading to Joann's to take advantage of the Labor Day sales and coupons. We're all going to the Maryland Renaissance Festival, too. So excited about that! The food, the entertainment, the mead! Huzzah!!

And now it's Wednesday and nothing is done. Maybe I'll get some stuff done tomorrow night - and I better, because I'm planning to sleep in late on Friday. There is a birthday cake to make and decorate, the condo to clean, the fridge to stock...will I get it all done in time? Keep your fingers crossed for the Queen of Procrastination!

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