Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Covered in Frosting

A quick hello - the aforementioned weekend was a fabulous one. No time to blog extensively as I have spent the evening preparing a cake for a former co-worker. It's the largest one I've made yet and I underestimated the time it would take to bake and frost it. Good thing I did the bulk of it tonight so I can properly decorate it tomorrow. The theme of the cake will be "Jumping the Shark" a la Fonzie from "Happy Days". It was a running gag at my last office - someone would always point out when a meeting had officially jumped the shark. Since she's leaving the office, the cake symbolizing her time with the group as having jumped the shark. Really, it's a lot funnier than what I just typed but I'm coming down from the sugar-enduced euphoria that only homemade frosting can cause.

Speaking of cake (and since I don't have time to post all the photos from the Ren Faire), I'll share some photos of the monkey cake I made for Sean's birthday. It had a strawberry filling and vanilla cake. Quite yummy! I also think I like the monkey better as a cake than as a brownie.

Monkey Cake 01

Monkey Cake 04 Monkey Cake 05

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Joana said...

Beautiful and with a very nice guy.