Sunday, September 21, 2008

Completed Project: Lace Dish Cloth

My first dish cloth - yay! I finished it last week.

Lace Dish Cloth F3

Lace Dish Cloth 1

During my camping trip last month, I started making Jessie's pot holders. Marian the Librarian's mom, grandma and aunt love to use knitted and crocheted dish towels so when they saw me crocheting, they wanted to know if I could make dish cloths. I said sure, though I hadn't made them before I thought I could figure it out. While they did want round ones, I'm not ready to use the DPNs to make them. So this one, one with a King Charles Brocade, and a plain stockinette stitch are what they will get.

Here are a couple of other photos so you can see the design.

Lace Dish Cloth F2

Lace Dish Cloth B1

As usual, all the details are on Ravelry. I don't see the sense in spending double the time to post here on the blog everything that is so conveniently listed under my projects in Ravelry. If you're not signed up for a free Ravelry account, what are you waiting for??? It's the most amazing database of everything you need to organize all your projects, find cool new projects, see photos of completed projects, and meet great people. Seriously - go sign up.

Because of the pattern, it's given me hope that I can once again pick up the BUBBLES bubbles wrap (that I haven't touched since July) and try again.


The Queen of the Snow Cows said...

Gorgeous! And what a great color.

And there is no shame in sticking a project in a corner to think about what it's done. You'll eventually get back to it.

Sam said...

Thanks, Queenie.

And lol about the project in a corner thing. Too funny!

the mistress said...

You can do it. You just have to find your rhythym. Let me know if you pick it back up. I'm not done yet - still working at it.