Thursday, September 11, 2008

Supporting My Yarn Addiction

My first for sale pattern is up on Ravelry!!! Yay!!!!

Check out my store where the Susan the Ladybug Coaster pattern is available for purchase! Huzzah! (Note: The Crocheted Pot Holder pattern is also available for free download.)

I'm hoping to somewhat offset the major yarn purchase I just made from Smiley's. I needed more Colorwaves yarn for Sean's blanket and it's the only place I found the yarn for $1.99 (compared to $5.99 everywhere else). Of course, with a minimum purchase of $50 plus a flat rate shipping cost of $12.95, did I really save money on my 6 skeins of yarn???

Smileys Order 09-08

Smileys Order 09-08 2

Lots of yarn ordered plus some new circular knitting needles. Details to follow this weekend.

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the mistress said...

Whoa! You are out of control! Why don't you take up drinking or something? ha ha