Sunday, September 21, 2008

Random Updates

Sean is off umpiring while I'm enjoying the afternoon at home. I'm looking forward to going to see some of his games once the temperatures cool down. It's fun to sit outside on a cool afternoon, crocheting away while watching Sean's baseball game. It's not fun to sit in the glaring sun, sweating and overheating, with bugs buzzing around and biting. Hence, I'm home today catching up on mundane things such as laundry, bills, and blogging.

So just a few random updates in the life of Crocheting Commuter...

The print of "Happiness" that I bought at MS&W has been framed and is up on the wall in my craft room. I've also selected the perfect color to paint the craft room but I have to wait for the dry wall inspection before I paint anything. I should have it painted before MS&W, girls. :)

Happiness 3

Stitches East is in Baltimore again this year. Sadly, I won't be able to go because Sean and I will be driving up to Ohio for a wedding. No worries though. I've already found a few yarn stores to visit on the way.

I've got a ton of travel for work starting this week and through October. When making my travel arrangements, I tried to arrive in enough time to check out any LYS stores around town. This week, I'm off to Denver. While there aren't any stores within walking distance of my hotel, there are a few within walking distance of each other. I'll take a cab downtown and walk to a few. If anyone has suggestions of which ones to see, let me know. I use Sweater Babe's Yarn Shop Directory to find LYS's in each city. On the side bar of the blog,you can see a list of all the LYS I've visited so far.

Yesterday I bought yarn to start the two baby blankets for KMP's bun in the oven. The due date has been pushed up to mid-December so I've got to get started. While at Joann's (which was a mad house as it was a demonstration day), I checked out their October classes, hoping to take course 2 of cake decorating. Alas, there were no Saturday classes. The only one I could sign up for was a one 2-hour session candy making course. My concern with the course is that the only thing on the list of class materials is the Wilton Candy Making for Beginners Guide. I'm wondering what the 2 hour course is going to add to the instructions in this book. They better make it worth the $15 class registration fee by giving some additional candy making tips or letting us do some hands on work. I'll be sure to let you all know.

Wilton has some fabulous ideas and projects using melted and molded chocolate. I can see myself going a bit crazy with ordering molds and candy melt colors so I can make fun stuff for holidays throughout the year. I'm also hoping to make some fun candies for bridal and baby showers I'll have this year and next.

The pattern writing is going well. I'm really excited about having a few patterns up on Ravelry. Even if I don't sell many, it's really cool to have finally written the patterns. I've got at least two more coaster patterns to write up and publish and I've got about 6 pot holder ideas to work up. But with all the other projects right now, who knows when I'll get them all done. But I'd rather have too many projects and lots of inspiration than be in a creative slump.

Until next update, have a blessed Mabon!

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