Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Lamb Shoppe in Denver, Colorado

The trip out to Denver was a great one for both work and for fiber-goodness. Lucky for me, the hotel in which I stayed had a free shuttle which conveniently took me to see one of the best LYS's I've been to so far - The Lamb Shoppe.

Denver Lamb Shoppe Exterior

Located in a more residential than commercial area, the Lamp Shoppe is a wonderful store that is worth the visit when in Denver. The set up of the store is great, with high ceilings, warm paint colors, tables and chairs, and oodles of yarn. I was instantly smitten when I first walked in the door.

Denver Lamb Shoppe Interior

They have a great selection of yarns, from local and regional companies to a great selection of Debbie Bliss and Noro. There are plenty of books and patterns for purchase and the store is definitely crochet-friendly. The staff is also super-friendly. When I asked about regional producers of yarn, they led me to a beautiful hank of lightweight yarn, dyed pale blues and greens, and perfect for a shawl or scarf. The price tag was appropriate - $48. But my wallet was not up to that task.

Instead I opted to get 3 balls of Louisa Harding Grace Silk & Wool (which was on sale) and some skull buttons I could not do without.

Denver Lamb Shoppe Purchase 2

The other part of the store that I absolutely loved? See the fine print on the business card? The store is a "Yarn and Coffee Bar". Yep - they have a cappuccino machine. Talk about my idea of heaven! Fiber goodness with a latte. Absolutely perfect! Though this picture is blurry, you can see the coffee bar next to the register. (And it saved me the need to blur out their faces, right? Putting my less-than-consistent picture taking ability to good use.)

Denver Lamb Shoppe Interior 2

So I must say that if you are in the Denver area, this is a yarn store you must find time to visit. My thanks to the owners who let me take the photos, too. :)

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