Friday, October 10, 2008

Completed Project: Knitted Dish Cloths

While camping back in August, I was being crafty near the campfire. My friend's Mom, Grandma and Aunt immediately wanted to know if I made dish cloths. I said I hadn't before, but I was sure I could figure it out. While they may have wanted round ones, they'll have to do with these...

King Charles Brocade Dish Cloth

Brocade Dish Cloth 1

Brocade Dish Cloth 3
(The color in this photo is truer to life. The yarn is called "Blueberry" but it really is a bright teal color.)

I made this by taking the King Charles Brocade pattern from one of my instructional kniitting books, added enough repeats so it was long enough and knitted the first three of every row to make the border. Uber simple.

Aunt Ann's Dish Cloth

Simple Dish Cloth 1

This is a super easy dish cloth to make. I got the pattern from my cousin whose Mom (my Aunt Ann) had given it to her. I must admit it was really cool to make this pattern knowing that she had used the pattern and my cousin had usedthe pattern and now I had used the pattern. It's nice to know there are still traditions passed down generation to generation.

These two dish cloths accompanied the lace dish cloth and a photo book of pictures from camping that were sent up to my friend's parents as a thank you for having us all up for the weekend. From the email I got, they loved the book and the kitchen additions.

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