Saturday, October 25, 2008

Post #201

Wow. Over 200 posts on this little crafty blog of mine. I started it with the hopes that it would foster my creativity and get me to focus more on (and enjoy more of) my crochet projects. I think it's done just that - as well as helped me branch out into knitting and increase my knowledge of different fibers and yarn brands. It's been a fun almost 2 years of blogging and almost 14,000 visitors. Thanks for reading my ramblings and for your continued support!

A quick check on my 2008 crafty compared to my half-year check back in July...

1) Finish the following UFOs:

Update: The infamous shawl. Will it ever be completed???

2) Make, block and stiffen 25 snowflakes (and yes, the two I've already made count toward the 25)

Update: While I really want to make them, perhaps have them adorn Christmas presents and our Christmas tree, I'm not too hopeful right now that I'll actually get them done considering it's only a couple months to Christmas.

3) Learn to knit socks on double pointed and circular needles.

Update: I ordered some DPNs in the normal sock sizes and my purchases from Portland are some great sock yarn to try to learn. This is still a resolution I can attempt.

4) Organize my yarn, books and other crafty supplies in the new craft room

5) Make a shawl from the Amazing Crochet Lace book

Update: I still have the yarn for this; but I don't think I'll have the time to start and finish it.

6) Go to MS&W 2008 (this is a no-brainer)

7) Complete the following new projects:
  • Make at least 1 blanket for donation (charity TBD)
  • Baby blanket for Mindy Jr.
  • Crochet a rug from the yarn bought at the 2006 MS&W
  • Complete A-Z pillows for baby Brodie
  • Crochet Christmas stockings (but this one is a bit iffy)

  • I still need to mail the hat I made for charity in place of the blanket. I did order some yarn for a charity blanket - which will probably be made in 2009.
  • The A-Z pillows have been taken off the list. The A pillow I started has been frogged. The bright acrylic yarn will be used for some other project.
  • A rug and Christmas stockings? Seriously? It's not gonna happen.

Two months to go and two definite-must-finish projects (the blankets for KMP's baby). As for the other resolutions, they may be pushed off to 2009. :)

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