Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Holiday Spirit is in the Air

I'm supposed to have both blankets for KMP done by next Saturday. Egads! Good news is that I'm working on the border of the Afghan of the Sandman (round 4 of 10) so that may even get done today or tomorrow. Bad news is that I'm only one or two rows into skein 2 of the knitted baby blanket. Worse news is that the blanket looks way too long and may require a third skein. This means I've got to get it done and check the length and if necessary, buy another skein and keep knitting. So I'm suspecting I won't have it done in time to mail out on Saturday. I am hedging my bets by including some cute little onesies with funny iron on decals (details to follow in a future post - including photos).

I'm also feeling extra crafty and the holiday spirit is definitely in the air. I've got Christmas music playing as I type. I made applesauce and cranberry sauce today for Thanksgiving. The house smelled wonderful with cranberry, apple and cinnamon wafting through the air. (Note - if you don't have orange zest to add to simmering cranberry sauce, a shot of Triple Sec will do the trick nicely.) I've got the menu planned out for Thanksgiving, too. I'm not hosting this year, but I have plenty to prepare to bring down to dinner. Spinach dip, veggies, pumpkin squares, a crab ball with crackers....::drooling::

I'm also putting together the Christmas gift lists - what to buy and for whom - so I can keep an eye on the sale ads and online deals. It will be a leaner Christmas this year so I want to buy just the right things at the best prices. Speaking of a lean Christmas, the hopes of buying a new fake tree to replace my old, little tree have been put on hold. Instead, I found a more affordable holiday project. I bought a wooden advent calendar from Joann's which I'm going to repaint and include candy and/or little gifts for Sean to open each day until Christmas. I'm hoping this creative project will make up for not getting a new tree, ornaments and decorations. It is definitely cheaper ($30 for the whole project). I'll work on it next weekend so photos to follow.

Thank goodness I'm only working Monday and Tuesday and will have 5 days to work on all this craftiness. So much to do and so little time.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Cate said...

Heh heh, whenever I read "Sandman Blanket" in your posts, I think of Neil Gaiman's dark and brooding Sandman character, who, frankly, probably could use a blanket and cup of cocoa and a pat on the head.

the mistress said...

Thanks for the triple sec suggestion. I will give it a try. I'm hosting Thanksgiving this year. I can't wait. So much food, so little time.
Don't feel bad about the blanket for KMP. I've been trying to start her gift for days. It will be late. :(

Sam said...

LOL! Thanks, Cate. Who couldn't do without a hot cup of cocoa? :)

Mistress - I don't think Kaui will mind given her knack towards lateness. :)