Sunday, December 7, 2008

Completed Project: Afghan of the Sandman - Blue Edition

Last thing I knew, it was November. Then all of a sudden - ::Doppler effect sound:: - it's December. How the heck did that happen??? I still haven't painted the advent calendar (though Sean is enjoying the candy) but I did finally finish the Afghan of the Sandman blanket for KMP's soon-to-arrive baby boy. I finished it the Sunday after Thanksgiving and sent it, a surprise baby shower presentation, and some cute little onesies a few days later. According to USPS, the package arrived yesterday but I haven't heard anything from KMP or her DH.

Here's the Afghan. The final size was approximately 32.5" square. All details can be found on Ravelry. Click on the photos for close-ups.

Sandman Afghan Blue 08Sandman Afghan Blue 06Sandman Afghan Blue 07

Just like the last afghan, this blanket didn't really come together until the border was added. I do so love this pattern and I hope to make a version of this one for all the babies, plus one that Mom and Dad choose.

Here are the onesies I sent, too. They are just Gerber onesies (size 0-3 months) with iron decals I got at Joann's. Aren't they funny?

Kaui Baby Onesies

Sadly, the knitted baby blanket still isn't done and I honestly can't see it being done until after Christmas. It's now a bit too big to take with me on my commute and since I'm not allowed to start a new project until this one is done, I'm reading instead of knitting on the train. I'm not even sure if I'll need a third skein to finish it or not. What I do know is that I'm not knitting a baby blanket again anytime soon. Crocheting is just sooooo much faster and I like the results more, too. I have half a mind to frog the blanket I started and just crochet one in like a week.

The next baby I know of is due in May. Mom and Dad are Irish and have requested a green blanket. They won't know the gender of the baby until the big day so green will be a neutral, fun color for either boy or girl. I'm thinking of getting 4 different greens of Vanna's Choice yarn and perhaps doing some crocheted cable work on the blanket. If anyone has a good pattern book for crocheted cables, please let me know.

For now, back to the knitted blanket I must go before anything else is started.

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