Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Plague

In addition to some lovely Christmas gifts, Sean and I brought home the plague from Boston. On Sunday, we took turns refilling our glasses of orange juice and other beverages. We were ready to put one of those biohazard signs on our door. Monday morning I felt better and made the trek to work. Sean was too sick so he stayed home. In tag team style, it was me who was sicker this morning, so I'm home while Sean's at work. We've both got to make it through tomorrow before our 4-day weekend. We'll need it, for sure.

But like I said, Christmas was wonderful! On Christmas Eve, I got to bake pies with Grandma. It was soooo much fun! I made my first ever crust-from-scratch and my first ever lemon meriangue pie. All were delicious. Here's a close up of the apple pie - you can even see the steam rising out of it.

Apple Pie

One of the gag gifts I got my future sister-in-law (another knitter), was one of those pooping sheep from Joann's. No worries - the sheep "poops" brown jelly beans when you push down on his back. It's actually quite funny when it happens but I didn't know just what a hit this little guy would turn out to be. Her fiance couldn't get enough of him. Now I know what to get him for his birthday.

Sheep Jellybeans

Santa was also very good to me. I got some new books, a couple of bottles of wine, and some travel stuff for Ireland - which is less than 3 weeks away!!! How time does fly. I've got to get KMP's knitted baby blanket done before then because I want a new project to bring with me on the trip. I haven't picked it out yet but I'm guessing I'll get started on the green baby blanket.

I talked a bit about it in this post, but to recap: The baby is due in May and Mom and Dad, who love their Irish roots, have requested a green blanket. They won't know the gender of the baby until the big day so green will be a neutral, fun color for either boy or girl. I thought about getting 4 different greens of Vanna's Choice yarn but I only found 3 greens I liked - Olive, Kelly and Fern. I also bought some in Linen for a contrast.

All this yarn is on it's way in an order from Joann's, along with a little gift for myself. I finally bought myself a ball winder. And girls, I'm hoping to have a swift by MS&W. That should make our after-festival time a bit more productive (and a lot less knotted).

Another reason I need to get KMP's knitted baby blanket done sooner rather than later is that little Edward arrived on the evening of December 23rd. I'm happy to report that Mom, Baby and Dad are all doing very well.

I must be off to drink some more fluids and down some more medicine. I should also get to the store to buy some sparkling wine for New Year's. Cold and flu be damned, I need my bubbly for the New Year!


the mistress said...

First of all, YUM!! Secondly, sicky, I hope you feel better! I finally finished the viking hat and it's on the way. I picked up Bubbles bubbles last night and have once again decided that it's cursed. I count, and I count, and I count, but I still lose stitches. DRAT!
BTW, Vanna's Choice linen is a lovely color for baby stuff. I have made a couple of pairs of booties out of it.

Sam said...

I saw the photos of your hat on Ravelry and Flickr. I LOVE IT!!! I think I have to make one for myself now. And check it out - you're making booties! You're ahead of me, lady. :)

I must say - once that ball winder gets here, I don't hold out much hope for the BUBBLES bubbles wrap.