Thursday, April 23, 2009

LYS in St. Michaels Maryland

The first weekend of April, Sean's Mom came to visit. We had a wonderful weekend spending Saturday in Downtown DC to see the cherry blossoms and then Sunday in St. Michaels on the Eastern Shore. I feel in love with the place as soon as we drove down the main street of town. It has all the things I liked about the Hamptons without the stuff I hated about the Hamptons. So cute with boutique stores and high end stuff I can't afford to buy (but do enjoy browsing). Right by the water with wonderful restaurants and fresh seafood. We got to really enjoy the water with a long boat ride on the Miles River with Patriot Cruises. A must see and do if you're in the area.

And you know what else was in St. Michaels???

You know it - a yarn shop! Yay!!!

Frivolous Fibers located at 112 N Talbot Street in St. Michaels. The store didn't stand out at first with the main sign on the side of the building.

Frivolous Fibers 02

Frivolous Fibers 01

The yarn store is actually in the back of the store. Here's a photo from the front...

Frivolous Fibers 03

Though it was a small space, there was a large wall of needles and hooks and a great selection of yarns.

Frivolous Fibers 04

I loved this painter's palette of yarn colors.

Frivolous Fibers 05

One of the best parts of the store was the huge selection of Blue Heron Yarns which are hand-painted in nearby Easton, Maryland. I had seen Blue Heron before when out on the West Coast - but I refused to buy it since it was from Maryland. Now I was in Maryland with a huge selection of the beautiful yarn. How could I resist?

I couldn't. :)

I did restrain myself and buy just one skein of yarn.

Frivolous Fibers 06

It's bulky rayon chenille in Sandstone. I had to get it after I saw the felted scarf they had on display. I got the pattern with my purchase.

Blue Heron Yarn 02

I must also mention that the ladies at the store were super friendly. I'm very much looking forward to our next trip to St. Michaels so I can check out the store again.


the mistress said...

Very pretty. I can't wait to see it in person. =)
(I wish there was an emoticon for rollercoaster grin!)

Judy said...

Do you mind me asking about the pattern for the blue heron chenille? I have two skeins and want to make a scarf from at least one of them.

Sam said...

I'm not sure if I can put the entire pattern here or not. It's really easy though - just a garter stitch a the width you want and to the length you want (1 skein is plenty). Then felt it with fabric softener. You could also call the store and see if they could email it to you.