Monday, April 6, 2009

A Tisket, A Tasket

Flowers in a cake basket!

Here's my finale cake from Wilton Course II. Finished this cake two weekends ago and it was a huge hit at Sean's work.

Wilton II Cake 01

Wilton II Cake 03

Wilton II Cake 04

Wilton II Cake 06

I've got at least 3 cakes to make this month. One for Easter dinner this weekend, one for a retirement party at work and then the cake for MS&W weekend. I may have a cake to make for a birthday party but that's still up in the air. The looks I've gotten at the supermarket when I buy 10 boxes of confectionery sugar have been priceless. I've also managed to run out of room in the kitchen to store all my cake supplies. Just like knitting and crocheting, there are just too many fun things to buy.


Anonymous said...

WOW !!! The flowers are beautiful!!! It truly looks too pretty to eat, BUT I'm sure it was delicious!

the mistress said...

You've got mad skills. Less than a month! YAY!

Sam said...

Thanks much! I had a blast making it. :)