Saturday, November 6, 2010

Completed Project: Blueberry Hat #2

I was particularly fortunate to have a stash of completed baby hats on hand when I found out about a new coworker who is expecting twins - a boy and girl. With no time to make blankets, hats were the answer.

I had both a blue and a red hat completed previously but they had different tops. Not because anyone would have cared and not because anyone would have said something - but because I had a problem with the difference, I had to have a matching pair. So I quickly cast on for another blue hat.

Baby Berry Hat 2 a

Baby Berry Hat 2 c

As always, details on Ravelry.

They were a big hit for both Dad and Mom as well as with my coworkers. And the babies should be arriving any day now!

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"C" said...

LOVE your baby hat creations!