Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Recaps of 2010

I did a number of the things on my 2010 list of lovely things - see them here before they get updated for 2011. I got to complete 41 our of 50 on my list with a few things being delayed because of my fall (Sean did get his banana cream pie but I couldn't help Grandma make it).

As for my crafty resolutions, I did pretty well, as long as we don't count the projects list. And all the activity seemed to happen in the first half of last year (see mid year update). I'm still working on a list for 2011 so that I have a meaningful list and also one that I can accomplish. I'm definitely leaving projects off the list. It seems a project put on the list never gets done. Maybe I should try some reverse psychology and make a list of projects to not finish.

What are on your lists this year?

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Anonymous said...

I'm tryig to do these small, happy things each day: sing, dance, and do yoga/pilates/meditation