Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What is in the water???

While I got rid of my resolution list, I still have many project lists. One of which is devoted solely to baby items. So many friends have had babies the past few years and this year promises to keep pace with production.

A beautiful baby girl was born in early January so her blanket is first on the list. It's actually a good thing I didn't start it before she was born because everyone was convinced she was going to be a he. I had more boyish colors selected for the blanket which would have been used had it not been for my tardy start to making it. (Note to self - when the parents want to be surprised the day of delivery, either make a unisex color and style blanket or make two blankets to be ready for the surprise.)

Two more blankets for April and August babies, one of which is a boy (ultrasound confirmed). These are for two former coworkers from my last job. Not only do I want to make them blankets because they are great friends, I also owe them since I moved on to such a wonderful job and left them back in the trenches.

A hat was recently completed for a friend from high school - the wonders of Facebook to connect old friends! She saw the apple hat and wanted one for her first.

When these projects are done and delivered, I should probably start another baby blanket or two so I don't find myself so far behind when the next wave of pregnancies are announced.

What is making up your to-do lists this year?

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