Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Completed Project: A Baby Blanket for Maebh

The love of rainbows for baby blankets continues...

Granny Rainbow 01

Granny Rainbow 05

I used the pattern from Lion Brand - but as my color progression is nothing like the pattern, this is really just a big granny square. The same colors as the other rainbow baby blanket, and just as sweet of end product. As always, full details on Ravelry.

The title of the post is not a typo - the little girl's name is Irish and is pronounced "Maeve" like 'save' with an 'm'. She's such a cutie, just like her big sister. I appreciate her patience in receiving the blanket since she was born in early January.

Now on to a baby blanket for a little guy to be born in April. It's nice to be ahead of the game again.


Anonymous said...

Another beautiful blanket for another lucky baby!

Anonymous said...

As the Mommy of a lucky kid who has one of Sam's beautiful blankets I can say that they are a treasure.

Love, Kate

Sam said...

Thanks so much, ladies! :)

Anonymous said...