Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Gardening Update

Garden Progress 6/26/11 2

The herbs are doing extremely well. I've made multiple batches of salsa using the parsley and I have too much basil and thyme.


The only issues so far is that the rosemary plants are just now looking like they will survive.


And there is the great mystery plant that is clearly not lavender. The seed packet said lavender and I planted lavender in the pot marked "Lavender" and yet these random sprouts showed up in the "Lavender" pot and all the other containers, too. It then proceeded to grow over two feet in height and hint at some kind of flowers, but no blooms.

Not Lavender 3

This does not resemble any lavender plant I've see before. The stalks don't look right at all. If you happen to know what the heck this plant is, please leave a comment. Whatever it is, it's growing without any problems. It has even filled one of my rail containers.

Not Lavender

And so far, two Johnny Jump Ups have bloomed. Look closely - they're little.

Johnny Jump Ups 2011

While I love my container gardening, I yearn to someday have a yard with lots of space for these herbs to grow and flowers to grow.

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La said...

Holy canoli, that's a lot of herbs! Happy cooking.