Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Year of Lovely Things 2011

My 2011 Year of Lovely Things list is finally updated. As it now mid-January, I've already got a few items crossed off. This includes celebrating both my new job and freedom from the cast. There is also the self imposed snow day I'm enjoying today.

Got a list of your own lovely things? Then head over to the main site to sign up.

Attack of the Snow Cows

I attempted to drive to work today but it was an epic fail. After 30 minutes of white knuckling the steering wheel, and only getting a few miles from home, I gave up and turned around. A self imposed snow day it has now become. There will be plenty of crocheting (which has become much easier to do now that the cast is off) and a few blog posts will be written. First up - updating my Year of Lovely Things list for 2011. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Recaps of 2010

I did a number of the things on my 2010 list of lovely things - see them here before they get updated for 2011. I got to complete 41 our of 50 on my list with a few things being delayed because of my fall (Sean did get his banana cream pie but I couldn't help Grandma make it).

As for my crafty resolutions, I did pretty well, as long as we don't count the projects list. And all the activity seemed to happen in the first half of last year (see mid year update). I'm still working on a list for 2011 so that I have a meaningful list and also one that I can accomplish. I'm definitely leaving projects off the list. It seems a project put on the list never gets done. Maybe I should try some reverse psychology and make a list of projects to not finish.

What are on your lists this year?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

I'm Back!

No posts since November - and yes, that's because of some wonderful non-crafty reasons.

After a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving with friends (who are considered part of my chosen family), the house was transformed into its holiday splendor.

Holiday Splendor 2010

The following weekend was our second annual holiday party which was as successful and well attended as the inaugural party (even with the few folks sidelined by the flu).

Then there was trying like crazy to complete the charity squares (which I did) and then during a work trip, I was finally able to start a baby blanket for miss Kate who was born in late October. The plan was to have it completed during Christmas break, before I started my new job.

Yes - A NEW JOB!!!

I found out right before Thanksgiving that I got it. It was (and continues to be) such an awesome feeling of freedom and positivity! I let work know I was leaving and told them I'd stay through December to finish some things and transition my duties. So work was busy and I was so darn happy that there wasn't enough time for blogging. My last day was before Christmas, and then we made the trip to New England for the holidays.

The plan for the trip was to finish Kate's blanket, as well as the one for the Queen and the Mistress. But on our first day there, those plans were sidelined:

Cast On

I managed to fall on an icy stone porch which resulted in a very early morning Christmas Eve trip to the emergency room. A few x-rays later and they were putting on a cast for my broken wrist. My broken RIGHT wrist. (Yes, I'm right handed.) I asked the doctor what things I could and could not do. He said keep it minimal to allow for healing. I asked about crocheting and knitting - and I'm not making this up - he said "That would be great - do whatever you can as long as it doesn't hurt or make you sore. It should help prevent stiffness after having the cast on for 4-6 weeks."

It's been more difficult to crochet with a cast than I had hoped. I can get some stitches done but it's just so slow that I get frustrated. Typing is also a bit of a chore. But once the cast is off, I'll be back to finishing these long overdue projects (plus a blanket for the new little girl born last week) and blogging more. Lots to catch up on, including a look back at last year's crafty resolutions and lovely things and trying to get new ones in place for 2011.

Until then - beware of ice! :)