Monday, January 15, 2007

Blanket for Dax

Here is a photo of the aforementioned frogging incident. I had pulled it down to where you see in the photo; it previously had blue, yellow and pink above it. Yep - about 18 rows had to be frogged. Sad, just sad.

Lucky for me I saw the Momma-to-be and she's got a thing about receiving gifts prior to the birth. Turns out it's an Irish thing and a Jewish thing (another friend pointed out) and I'm sure there are many others who also shy away from pre-birth gifts. I'm glad to know it as it gives me more time to finish it and it allowed Momma-to-be to customize part of the blanket. She's requested a white border and what Momma wants, Momma gets.

Here are the details of this blanket:

Hook size: G

Bernat Baby Coordinates in
  • Soft Mauve (purple)
  • Iced Mint (green)
  • Soft Blue
  • Lemon Custard (yellow)
  • Baby Pink
  • White for border

Five rows of each color; Alternating 5 colors, half double crochet throughout (border TBD)

Dimensions so far:
Gauge - I just made it long enough for a baby blanket. I'm really bad at checking my gauge with anything.
Width of blanket - 31 inches
Width of 25 rows / five colors - 7.5 inches

Anticipating repeating pattern 4 times and adding a white border. Finished blanket will be approximately 32" x 32" (unless I beef up the border)

Baby Dax is due for her arrival in April. Plenty o' time to finish this one and the other one (nickname TBD) who is also due in April. The Dax name? You Star Trek fans will know this one already. Dax was a character on Deep Space Nine and actually, there was a second Dax on the show - yet there was just one. You see, the two Daxes were just vessels in which a trill symbiont lives. While the politically correct name is a symbiotic relationship, it really is more like a parasitic relationship, such as in - say it with me now - as in pregnancy. The kid takes all its nourishment from you and uses your body for a comfy incubator. Thus, my friend and her husband have nicknamed the baby Dax. I love it! Can't wait to see the little parasite baby in April.


The Queen of the Snow Cows said...

I LOVE IT! (Both the blanket so far and the name of the symbiont!) I am so glad you linked from your comment.

The 'thing' about receiving gifts before the baby is born is also Sicilian. In fact, I'm sure it's fairly universal. At the moment I don't have a problem with it, but if/when I get preggers I'll update you. ;)

I'm still searching for an appropriate pattern for the boucle btw.

Sam said...

I'm definitely leaning towards more blogging on this site than in the Shoe Box. I'm feeling the crafty urge - and with all these babies on the way! And I'm also really enjoying the patterns and new yarns from Lion Brand. So many things to try!!

Is it time for MS&W yet???