Sunday, January 14, 2007


Finally - a post!

The prompting of this post is not one I'm happy about. My current project - a baby blanket - is due tomorrow. Sadly today I found that I had skipped a stitch soooo very far from where I was.

The frogging - it was intense! Row after row disappeared...the ball of yarn it grew...

My motivation to finish the blanket - it became non-existent.

Thus - a post on this new blog!

Let's take a look at the projects currently on my plate for 2007. It appears that 2007 is the year of the babies!

1. The aforementioned baby blanket - due tomorrow (and it won't be finished)
2. Another baby blanket - due in April
3. Yet another baby blanket - due in July
4. Fingerless gloves/mittens - due before it's warm and I don't need them (though technically it hasn't been cold enough for them yet. WTF?)
5. SOMETHING with the yarn I got at last year's MS&W Festival - due before this year's MS&W otherwise I won't be able to justify another yarn splurge.

I've finished quite a few projects in 2006 which was quite remarkable considering I was busy in grad school, planning a wedding, buying a condo, and starting a prestigious internship. The time to crochet was found during my sometimes endless commute. You see, it takes me about 2 hours door-to-door to get to work.

  • Drive in the car to the train station - 10 minutes
  • The commuter train to DC - 30 minutes
  • The Metro out into Maryland - 30 minutes
  • The walk from Metro to my office - 20 minutes
  • Reverse it at night - 2 hours
Thus 4 hours a day is spent commuting. INSANE, I know.

Why don't I drive, you ask? Because this is DC and I'd be stuck with all the rest of the traffic. It would still take me 2 hours to get to and from work and I'd be stressed and full of road rage. Using public transportation is less stressful, less expensive than gas and wear-and-tear on the car, better for the environment, and I can do stuff while I commute - reading or crocheting. And if I'm going to be creating all these crocheted items, I might as well show off my skills. Thus - the Commuting Crocheter blog was born!

Since 2007 is off to a slow start, I'll begin by posting my projects from 2006 including photos and links to patterns or yarn. I'm hoping this blog will keep me motivated to create and try new patterns. (I'm also hoping to be motivated to actually post stuff, too.)

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