Thursday, October 11, 2007


There's a new blog called Stitch-Stirrers which has "prompts and other fun stuff for the crocheter."

While I originally wanted to participate in all of them, I haven't. (Bad, Sam! ::slaps hand::) So here goes my first one - and please note, I probably won't keep up with every week. But I do appreciate the thought and work Tracie puts into it. :)


Oct. 7 Prompt: Why Do You Do It?
If someone asked, "Why do you do it? Why in the world do you crochet?", would you give them a long response or a quick and easy one? How would you reply?

Quick response: I enjoy it. It's relaxing and it allows me to be creative.

Long answer: I really enjoy it. It's so relaxing, even meditative. Crocheting gives me a creative outlet to play with shapes, colors and textures. Trying new patterns and techniques challenges my mind and keeps me thinking. Gifting crocheted items gives me immense joy as I try to weave into each project happy thoughts and good vibes that I hope carry onto the person who receives the project.

Crocheting allows me to create something tangible - different from the emails and reports I do at work. I crochet on my commute because I feel like I am being productive during all that down time. And given my Grandmother was a notorious knitter and crocheter, I feel a strong connection to her whenever I pick up the hook - because most of my hooks used to belong to her. :)


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Tracie said...

I love the creativity crochet allows, too.

Thanks for participating. And if you ever want to do the other ones, you can always backtrack. :) All prompts are not required...actually, none of them Just something fun to do.