Monday, May 26, 2008

Black Sheep Fiber Company in Utah

I made it out to Utah - a good flight out, a not so good flight back. Tornadoes in Denver delayed my flight (meaning I got home at 2 am instead of 12:30 am) and this otherwise cute little boy, who coughed his way through the flight, gave me a wicked sore throat that I'm still battling today (4 days later).

But my time in Utah was productive for work and it was more enjoyable given the fact that I could walk to a yarn store.

Black Sheep Wool Company
430 East South Temple
Salt Lake City, Utah

What a wonderful LYS! If I lived in Salt Lake City - which I don't and I expect I never will - it would be my LYS of choice. At least it will by my LYS of choice when visiting SLC.

A co-worker and I walked from our hotel downtown to Black Sheep Wool Company. It wasn't a far walk and it was good to stretch our legs after the long flight from the East coast. While you can see the store from Google Maps, here are some better photos of the outside of the shop.

Black Sheep Wool Company 01

Black Sheep Wool Company 02

The store is located on the second floor. No worries if you need assistance with the stairs as there is a motorized chair installed along the stairs to whisk you to the top. The store was a good size and there was lots of natural light streaming in through the windows. The owners were nice enough to let me take a few photos inside, too.

Black Sheep Wool Company 04

Black Sheep Wool Company 03

What is not pictured is the wall of notions - needles, hooks, counters, buttons, etc. Just about everything you'd need. And yes, I said hooks. This store is very crochet friendly. The yarn selection was delightful - from Noro to Debbie Bliss to yarns I've never heard of. Case in point - the hank of gorgeous merino wool I just had to have.

SLC Purchase

It's Fa Re by Baruffa, made in Italy, and it's 100% merino wool. Sooooo soft and the color is such a fabulous green. I also bought the pattern pictured. The store had a great assortment of patterns and what I really appreciated was that the patterns were sold in those handy protective plastic sleeves. Now I'm not sure if I'll use the merino for this shawl or if I'll use the off-white mohair I bought a couple MS&Ws ago.
Regardless of the yarn I choose to use, I'm excited about this shawl pattern.

The Black Sheep Wool Company is a must see if you're in Salt Lake City. Friendly staff, great yarn and pattern selection, and crocheters are as welcome as knitters.

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