Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Happy Sheep

Howdy there, neighborinos!

(Thanks to Ned Flanders for that cheerful hello.)

I'm here - I'm just trying to get through this damned work week. If there is one thing I've learned, it's that the week of work following the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival is a long and sad one.

The festival grounds are empty, the vendors have packed up and gone, my girls are back home, and as the Queen pointed out, it is the longest time before the next MS&W.

So. sad. indeed.

I don't have time during the week to properly blog so the MS&W update will have to wait until the weekend.

But I will leave you with some photos of the cake I made for the girls. It's titled "Happy Sheep". I could have also titled it "Tasty Sheep" because it was one delicious cake!




The Queen of the Snow Cows said...

I wish I had a slice of that cake right now...::drool::...

I figured I would have a black monday but it has continued through the week. I wish we all lived closer together!

And woman, you are the BEST HOSTESS EVER. Seriously. I may have to get you a plaque.

the mistress said...

You really are. I wish I could have packed one of you in my suitcase. I need a Sam for my house. :) I've been in a funk this week, and I even had Tuesday off. I must be in withdrawal. Miss you guys!

Sam said...

Thanks, girls. It was so nice having you all at the house.

Today's weather isn't helping the funk either. Tons of rain - it even leaked on my desk at work! I'd rather be enjoying the day at home in the papazan, knitting away near the window with the rain coming down...