Thursday, January 15, 2009

Frogged Project: A Photo Essay of the BUBBLES bubbles Wrap

Here's the BUBBLES Bubbles wrap on Friday...

Bubbles BUBBLES Part 1

...I added wine and my newly purchase ball winder...

Bubbles BUBBLES Part 2

...and lo and behold - victory!!!

Bubbles BUBBLES Part 3

Please note - photos 2 and 3 were actually taken days apart. The results are still soooo satisfying.

I feel so much better that this project has been frogged. I look at that beautiful ball of yarn and I see possibilities - compared to the contempt I used to feel when I looked at the messed up wrap.


No worries - the yarn for the wrap will eventually be used for the BUBBLES bubbles scarf.

1 comment:

the mistress said...

LOL! I love that you added wine. Good luck with the scarf. I'm sure it will be much easier.