Saturday, February 28, 2009

Best. LYS Finder. Ever.

I found a new site the other day (new to me, anyway) and I am in deep smit with it. Like Ravelry, it feeds my love for all things organized. It's called KnitMap and it's a yarn store finder - but so much more than your average yarn store finder. You can rate and write reviews, upload photos, save favorites to your account and best of all - the site shows you on GoogleMaps where the store is!

I can't tell you how much time this is going to save me. In the past, before I'd leave to travel for work, I'd check a couple of yarn store directories, like SweaterBabe and Daily Knitter. I'd look through list and then go to the web sites of the stores to see if they looked interesting. Then, for the stores I wanted to visit, I'd enter the addresses in GoogleMap to see how far they were from my hotel. This actually took quite a bit of time to do and I would have to base my selection on which stores to visit on how I felt about the store's web site.

Now, thanks to KnitMap, I just type in a city and it shows me all the posted stores for that city, plus reviews, store hours, and a link to the store's website - all in one place. Just one click and I'm at GoogleMaps to type in my hotel and see if I'll be walking or taking a cab to the store. It's AWESOME!

In order to contribute to the site that has given me so much already, I've started uploading photos and writing reviews from my previous trips. I do hope they are of interest and/or use to other fiber fiends looking for a good LYS. That's why I posted them here on the blog. They should be of more help over at KnitMap. There is also a link to KnitMap on the side bar under "Other LYS I've Visited".

Check it out and add some feedback to any LYS you've visited.

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