Saturday, February 28, 2009

Tiny Knitting

I haven't seen the movie Coraline, but I have heard all the buzz about the handmade knitted garments in the movie. Why hand-knitted? Because everything in the movie was made by hand - all the sets, all the figurines and all the costumes. A machine knitted item would not be allowed.

Althea Crome is the artist who knitted Coraline's sweater and gloves. To be truly awed by what Althea can do, you have to check out her web site, Bugknits. There is a video of her knitting with the tiniest needles ever. But wait until you check out her photo gallery. AMAZING! The smallest fair isle knits ever! I'm sure she is going to spark a whole new interest in miniature knitting.

Knit1fortheRoad has an excellent interview with Althea and you can learn how she got the job and how it changed her life. I really enjoyed reading her comments about it never being to late to follow your passion. There's hope that I'll break the bonds of my cubicle prison and have my own LYS someday!


the mistress said...

Matt and I have started playing this game called "Little Big Planet." The characters are knitted toys. I wonder if they have it for PC?

Sam said...

I was watching the trailer for the game the other day and I'm really thinking about getting a PS3. Not only for the games, but only for the built-in blue ray player. Your thoughts?

the mistress said...

I like it. The games are great. I don't really notice much difference between blue ray and and regular DVD's, but most of our stuff is HD. Matt says that he notices the difference. He plays the games much more than I do, so I'll ask him.