Friday, December 18, 2009


Since our first Christmas together six years ago, Sean and I still cannot wait until Christmas to exchange gifts. The very first year, we exchanged gifts the weekend after Thanksgiving. The tradition has continued though we have (most years) waited until December. Sometimes we make a big deal of it - wrapping everything and picking a special time to sit and open them together - and other times, we're too excited to give the gifts to the other person so we'll hand them the box to open when it arrives at the door. The later is what happened for me this year - and how could it not when the boxes arriving are from KnitPicks!

Sock needle holders, yarn cutting charm, blocking mats and the knitted bag kit in green (which thank goodness he ordered it a while ago because it's out of stock now).

Knit Picks Order

Don't I have a wonderful husband? :)


The Queen of the Snow Cows said...

Indeed you do! And what cool knitting related presents!

I loved the gingerbread house too btw, I've just been lax with the commenting lately.

AND, I think I'm getting my solstice wish this weekend. SNOW! YAY!

Sam said...

While I, too, love the idea of snow on the solstice, I'd rather have had it arrive on Sunday so that we'd get the day off of work on Monday. :)

perchesinthesoul said...

sweet! you have a very wonderful husband. mine also made a knitpicks order, although (yarnswift) I haven't (yarnswift) opened it yet (yarnswift yarnswift yarnswift!).

Sam said...

Congrats, perches!!!!!