Sunday, March 21, 2010

On the Brighter Side

Marion the Librarian was so kind as to drop by the house a couple weekends ago and install not one, not two but THREE light fixtures for me. And he did all the work in exchange for some homemade butternut bisque. (Yes, my bisque is that good.)

Number one was a bathroom fixture that I picked up from Costco for a steal ($35 minus the $10 instant rebate and it included 3 energy efficient bulbs).

Bathroom Light

Number two was a pendant lamp from Home Decorators - another steal as I got it from the outlet for just $45. It replaced the ghastly brass chandelier that comes standard in builder homes.

Dining Room Light 2Dining Room Light 1

Number three was a flush mount light for the craft room - purchased at the incredible price of $30. It replaced an okay looking light fixture that was hanging on a chain. While the amount of light that the fixture gives off is less than perfect (don't let the wonky photo below fool you), it looks much, much better and I can increase the lighting with a floor lamp.

Craft Room Light 2Craft Room Light 1

The craft room is looking good. The old cabinets are gone and I've ordered a companion piece to hold the small bit of craftiness that couldn't be contained in the new big cabinet. I've also got to make the curtains as I am sick of looking at such pretty fabric rolled up in the corner instead of being draped near the windows. And while I have "painting the craft room" on my Year of Lovely Things list, I may not need or want to paint once the curtains are up. The colors of the curtains, light, and furniture may be enough.

Speaking of my Year of Lovely Things list, the bisque I made for the light fixture installation can come off the list. And this past week, I actually did four more things - I planted an herb garden (more on this in a future post), took a mental health day, went to the movies (saw Avatar), and today I'm taking a road trip. The sun is shining and the temperatures will be hovering towards 80 degrees. Can't think of a better way to spend the day than with my husband, my dog, and my knitting bag while visiting my favorite town on the Eastern Shore, St. Michaels. Hope your day is just as delightful.

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