Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Treasure Hunt

I was watching LOST last night and working on the third Ocean Waves afghan. There is no way it is going to be finished by Friday so I was not really concentrating on my work. I watched the show and kept shifting my seat to accommodate the dog jumping about, only reaching for my hook during the commercials.

Until I reached - and there was no hook to be found.

Off the couch came everything. The blanket was unfurled, the cushions up-ended, the floor beneath the couch searched. I wedged my hands between the chaise cushion that is firmly attached to the couch, desperately searching.

Crumbs - yes.

Hook - no.

I kept feeling about until I found a hole in the lining leading to the frame of the couch. I contorted my arm as best I could to search every place. Then - all of a sudden - I felt the familiar aluminum on my finger tips.

"Got it!" I said triumphantly, as I pulled my hand from out of the cushions. And there it was - the hook I lost back in December.

Back under the cushions I searched for the newly lost hook but to no avail. I then tipped the couch up, hoping to jostle the hook loose from whereever it was. I heard the metal hit the wood frame but where it ended up inside the couch is still a mystery. It will have to wait until the weekend when I have a chance to disconnect the chaise from the couch and flip it over to try and shake out the hook.

Did I mention that the newly lost hook was the one that replaced the hook I lost back in December? Guess they wanted to switch places.

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