Monday, April 5, 2010

Different...but Sorta the Same...

Welcome! Glad you made the switch from the old blog to the new one. (Or if you just stumbled upon the site, welcome to you, too!)

Not that it is really a new blog - it's the same blog, just with a different name, new address and new logo. And the same crazy crafter at the helm.

The reason for the change comes from my pursuit to make my crafting - from designs to handmade goods to contracted crocheting and knitting - into a real business. A very small, unprofitable business to start, but a business nonetheless. While a logo and new blog wasn't specifically outlined, it's still part of my crafty resolutions for 2010.

I should note that in addition to the blog address and name changing, so has my Ravelry name - I'm no longer CrochetCommuter --> I'm now OnHooksandNeedles. My email address will also change - but that may take awhile until it's official. I need to make sure I update a ton of registrations with the new address.

The logo you see had been in my mind for a few years. It is the name of the yarn store I hope to own someday. Until that happens, it will serve well as my online business - for the blog, Ravelry and Etsy. It was created by a friend of mine who took my rudimentary sketch and make a great graphic out of it. Her name is Sarah and if you're looking for a great graphic designer who understands the needs of the fiber fanatics, check out her web site at I also need to thank my close friends who provided some excellent and honest feedback of the logo drafts. I love the finished product! What do you think?

I was able to export the posts from the other blog to here which is great - except that none of the shortcuts to previous posts will work. So if you find broken links in past posts - sorry about that. I'm not going to go back and fix them all. The old blog will stay up for a while with a link to the new site. I'll be slowly deleting old posts from it but as mentioned earlier, those posts now reside here.

With the new logo will also come some marketing items which I hope to pass out at the Knit and Crochet show in July. If I can get them made in time, I may also have a few to hand out at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.

So stay tuned for more developments and changes. I appreciate greatly those who read the blog, like my patterns, leave comments and otherwise let me know that there is an audience out there that enjoys my ramblings. I hope you like the new blog (or it eventually grows on you). Your comments/suggestions are always welcome.



the mistress said...

The logo is lovely. Congrats to you for going for it!

Sam said...

Thanks, Mistress. And thank you for your great feedback! Note that the other version of the logo (the non-web one) has the strand of yarn you recommended. :)