Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Completed Project: Hat for Uncle Bobby

I finished this project inbetween my days at the CGOA conference. I'm not quite sure why my hat looks so different from the photo in the pattern and on Ravelry.

Marsen Hat

Marsen Hat Top

My hat didn't end up with the distinct decreases leading up to the top, instead looking like sloppy seams. Was I supposed to actually SSK or just K2tog through the back loop to make the stitches twist? Was I supposed to SSK everytime or SSP when I came to a purled stitch? If you've made the hat and have some answers, I'm all ears - especially before I try to make this hat again.

As always, details on Ravelry.


Sam said...

I should point out that it is NOT Uncle Bobby modeling the hat. That's my DH, the best hat model ever. :)

Beth said...

DH's always make the best models! LOL!