Thursday, July 22, 2010

Survival of the Fittest

While vacation was good for me, it was not as good for my plants.

I was able to bring my herbs inside as they are in pots and easily moved. Besides the soil being a little dry and having grown toward the window, they were fine.

After vacation

My container of plants grown from seeds and the beautiful red, white and purple container I planted had to stay on the balcony. In the planted seeds container, the flowers died off but the leaves were still green.

The soil was bone dry - so dry that when I first watered it, the water passed right through without absorbing much at all. Then it rained that evening. And it stormed. And the lack of proper drainage from the roof resulted in a waterfall of water on the container.

Good news - the plants survived and were thoroughly watered.

The colorful container? amount of water or rain was going to fix it. It went from looking like this when I planted it...

Flowers in the Hanging Container 2 looking like this when I got home from vacation.

After Vacation Container

Depressing. I think I am going to make a trip over to the nursery this weekend to see if I can find some pretty new flowers. Suggestions?

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