Friday, January 6, 2012

Emerging from the Shadows

Happy New Year, everybody!

It was a busy autumn and holiday season, hence the long hiatus from the blog. I wasn't as crafty as I had hoped to be during that time and I wasn't inspired to blog about much. I did think about it - and I tried to come up with some posts; but I blog for fun and when it isn't fun, I don't blog.

But the new year is upon us and with it, there seems to be some frenzied crafty energy swirling around me. Have you felt it, too? Here's how it has been affecting me:
  • A project that was stalled on progress, regardless of the work and time put into it, now seems to be crocheting itself.
  • I learned in December I've got three more friends expecting which brings the new baby blanket count for 2012 to four - one in February, one in March, and two in June.
  • In one day, I was able to find the perfect patterns and the purchase the perfect yarns for the first two blankets. The yarn arrived just three days later and it is now patiently waiting in the craft room.
  • In just the past few days, I've found three crafty classes to take during the first half of the year.
  • I've already written my list for the Year of Lovely Things 2012 (thanks to Perches who has also found her way back to the blogosphere)
  • The enthusiasm to blog has returned!

Let's hope this crafty energy sticks around for a while!

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