Sunday, January 8, 2012

Year of Lovely Things 2011 - Recap

Many a lovely thing was experienced and accomplished in 2011. Below is the list showing I got to cross of 44 of 52 lovely things. If there was a post about an item, I included a link. For those other 8 items (in red), some may return on the 2012 list.

a small sewing project | a decorated cake | a gingerbread house | pies | craft swap gifties | reindeer candy canes | a "window" for my new office | mead | butternut bisque | a new appetizer recipe | a new entree recipe | a new dessert recipe | a playlist for the iPod

the new job | my birthday | Sean's birthday | our anniversary | a full moon | a solstice or equinox | freedom from the cast!

manicure | pedicure | bubble bath | facial

Knit and Crochet Show in Minnesota | Wisconsin to see family | MS&W | NC to see "C" and "D" | plan a mini-vacation | Red Sox game | renaissance festival | weekend on the Eastern shore

attend a concert | plant an herb garden | stare at the stars on a warm spring evening | take a crafty class | send snail mail | Skype with friends | organize the yarn cabinet | visit a not-previously visited LYS in Maryland/DC/Virginia | go to a museum | have family dinner | host/attend a movie-a-thon | take a mental health day | enjoy a snow day | take silly photos | try a new restaurant

to charity (a project, donations, or money) | blankets to my Girls | blankets, hats, etc to all the new babies

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