Sunday, February 4, 2007

Kid's Scarf

Another completed project from 2006, this was a simple, quick scarf I made as a Christmas gift for my new cousin. (She's 10 years old but new to me thanks to my marriage in October.)

Hook Size: J

Yarn: Patons Twister in
  • Fruit Loops

    Here's a close up of the label:

Pattern: No real pattern - just a scarf. About 8-9 double crochet across (not too wide for a kid) and 2 skeins worth in length.

It was a super easy and quick project (about a day of commuting) and an affordable one, given the yarn was 2 for $4 on sale. My cousin did like it - the colors were fun and bright and the yarn was pretty soft.

Though my trip to MS&W last year made me more of a fiber snob, I do keep my eyes open for good sales at the craft stores. When novelty yarns are 2 for $5 or 2 for $4, I try to pick up a few skeins for fun projects, like kid scarves and hats or blanket edgings. I once bought 8 skeins of Moda Dea Eden yarn in Flame because it was $1. (The price tag said it originally cost $6.99!! Ridiculous!)

The color is a bright orange and the way the yarn is (hairy with bumps is how I'd describe it), it was not easy to crochet. I did make a fun scarf for one of my best friends who is a grad student at Syracuse University (Go Orange!). She loves the color and wears it to basketball games. I still have about 4 skeins left in my stash. No ideas yet on what I'll do with it but I'm sure I'll think of something...eventually.

And I'm sure I'll find projects for all the random yarns in my stash...eventually. :)

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